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the 263rd Issue: 2nd Annual Conference in Protecting & Monetising IP Assets

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Date: 20-21 May 2015
Place: NH Düsseldorf City Nord, Germany
Organizers: marcus evans
Theme: Gain leverage through IP optimization...
The English-Chinese bilingual directory International IP Law Firms 2015 will be officially published soon with the launching of the updated International IP Firms Inquiry and Assessment System... More
The controversial replica of the Old Summer Palace, or Yuanmingyuan, opened its gates on May 10 in Dongyang, Zhejiang province... More
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·Comparison of Judicial Practices Relating to the Nickname of Trademark between China and the U.S. Issue 65, By Dong Huijuan, Ph. D and Assistant Professor of Intellectual Property Institute of Xiamen University, [Trademark]
Popular nickname of a mark is a household word used by general public for a particular mark. Some nicknames are abbreviations or short names of brands created by the consuming public... More

· What Did We Do in 2014? Issue 65, By Stella Yang, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]

On June 12th 2014, the First National Brand IP Service Agency Evaluation Conference was held in Beijing, at which a 12-member committee of experts made evaluations of 37 developing enterprises and 10 developing public institutions... More
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