the 276th Issue: Chinese IP Industry Calls to Commercialize IP to Stimulate Innovation --- China Intellectual Property

the 276th Issue: Chinese IP Industry Calls to Commercialize IP to Stimulate Innovation

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Intellectual property industry insiders called for the integration of IP and market demand at a recent forum themed "Open innovation" in Nanning, the capital city of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region... More
UK-China copyright week takes place from 31 August to 4 September 2015 and is the latest in a series of high level international events to promote and protect intellectual property across borders... More
Mexico and China’s Hong Kong signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday, creating the basis for a bilateral strategic partnership to protect intellectual property rights (IPR)... More
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·An over view of trademark oppositions in the United States (II) Issue 67, By Curtis Krechevsky, Michael A. Cantor, [Trademark]

This two-part article is intended to provide a brief overview of the trademark opposition procedure in the United States. Part I covered considerations for preparing and filing an opposition... More

·Cherishing the Beginner’s Mind and Pursuing Made with Chinese Wisdom Issue 67, By Jennifer Zhao, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]

On January 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, SuperD Co., Ltd. (“SuperD”) made quite a splash, after a decade of relentless efforts and dedication, with a full range of glasses-free 3D solutions... More

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