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the 277th Issue: China IPR Courts Efficient in Operations: SPC

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Three courts specializing in intellectual property rights (IPR) have received more than 10,000 cases since the first was set up in Beijing in Nov. 2014, according to the Supreme People’s Court... More
Haidian Science Park, or HSP, has taken the lead in China to help young entrepreneurs follow their dreams and ride the country’s startup wave... More
The design patent evaluation report system has been gradually recognized and won greater attention by the public, with requests for such reports growing rapidly, according to the State Intellectual Property Office... More
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The recent U.S. Supreme Court case of Bowman v. Monsanto Co., 569 U.S. (2013) was recently concluded by Supreme Court of the U.S., from which raised a new question: whether a farmer... More

·The 2nd Annual Conference in Protection & Monetizing IP Assets Issue 67, By Lu Yingyan, [Comprehensive Reports]

Many companies face the challenge on how to develop a strategy on protecting and monetizing their IP assets. According to Professor Leif Edvinsson, the key pioneering contributor to both the theory... More

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