the 284th Issue: Beijing IP Court Heard Almost 8,000 Cases in Past 12 Months --- China Intellectual Property

the 284th Issue: Beijing IP Court Heard Almost 8,000 Cases in Past 12 Months

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The Beijing Intellectual Property Court accepted 7,918 cases in the past 12 months, and concluded more than 3,200, said Su Chi, head of the court, at a forum held in Beijing on Saturday... More
BEIJING - This year’s message to China’s online shoppers is clear: You don’t have to wait until Single’s day on Nov 11 to snatch a deal for the 24-hour shopping spree.. More
Latest news from the National Copyright Social Service Conference which held by National Copyright Administration (NCAC), China’s copyright social service has made great improvement during the 12th "five-year plan" period, the ability to create... More
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·What Will the Internet Plus Bring Us? Issue 68, By Cong Lixian, Professor of School of Law of Beijing Foreign Studies University,[Comprehensive Reports]

During the Two Sessions in 2015, the government work report announced the Internet Plus action plan, marking the rise of the "Internet Plus industry" as a national development strategy... More

·100% Devotion Makes A Divine Life Issue 68, By Emily Tan, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

For Shi Liangyan, IP Director of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd., (Goldwind Science & Technology), life is like a box of chocolate. It is full of unexpected failure, miss and meet... More

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