the 308th Issue: Sony Fined for Violating Standard-Essential Patent --- China Intellectual Property

the 308th Issue: Sony Fined for Violating Standard-Essential Patent

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Gary L. Goldman, who is a senior screenwriter, took Disney to the court, stating that Zootopia making a hit in 2016 copied his idea.... More
The State Council has recently released a new policy to crack down on intellectual property infringement. ... More
China and Australia inked a series of bilateral agreements and moved to expand free trade between the two major Asia-Pacific economies in a vote of confidence for regional cooperation in the face of rising protectionism.... More
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·Discussion on the Application of the "Safe Harbor" Principles to Joint Infringement of Network Trademarks Issue 75, By Zhang Lingling Judge of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, Columnist,[Trademark]

In 2014, China became the largest market for online sales around the globe, with an online retail transaction size ranking No.1 in the world.... More

·What if a Trademark is to be Revoked? Issue 75, By Li Lin Lawyer of the Unitalen Attorneys at Law,[Trademark]

Recently, many trademark registrants who have received the Notice on Providing Evidence for the Use of the Registered Trademark... More

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