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It includes counterfeiting the entire product and its packaging and labeling, or the re-use of genuine Brands and labels with counterfeit products.... More
Electronics company Philips has filed a trademark infringement case against an individual who set up a string of online outlets to sell allegedly counterfeit goods.... More
It may only be May, but two Christmas-themed apparel companies have gone head-to-head in a lawsuit.... More
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·Review and Reconstruction of the Jurisdiction System of the Criminal Trial of Intellectual Property in China
Issue 76, By Zhu Dan Vice President, Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court, [Comprehensive Reports]
Jurisdiction is the prerequisite and basis for the trial. If the jurisdiction is imperfect, it will inevitably hinder the improvement of trial quality.... More
·Offense and Defense in the Cancellation of Trademark Which Has Not been in Use for Three Consecutive Years
Issue 76, By Yang Jing’an Chofn Intellectual Property Service Co., Inc., [Trademark]
Article 49 of China’ s Trademark Law provides that "Where a registered trademark... More
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