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China IP Weekly (Voice Edition)--the 340th Issue

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Welcome to our channel of China IP Weekly (Voice Edition)... More
Companies and individuals in Sichuan province own more than 451,000 valid trademarks... More
The Agricultural IP Creation Index of China (2017) released recently calculates the quantity trend, quality... More
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·The Legal Status of 3GPP Technical Documents in Cases Involving Patents Granting or Confirmation
Issue 80, Zhuo Rui Beijing Intellectual Property Court, [Patent]
Recently 3GPP technical documents have been increasingly used as prior arts or common knowledge... More
·Obstructive Regulation of Proof in Patent Infringement Litigation
Issue 80, Co-author: Chen Zhixing, Project Group of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, [Patent]
This article is part of 2015 Supreme People’s Court judicial research major subject the Research of Major... More
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