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Beijing IP Judicial Protection Society Launches Officially

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Beijing IP Judicial Protection Society Launches OfficiallyOn May 16, the establishment conference of Beijing IP .....More
The European Patent Office and the national patent offices of its 38 member states met in . ...More
On May 25, hosted by China IP Magazine, the 2nd Infringement Trend and Defense Coping Strategy Conference of Online Games convoked in Beijing. .... More
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· Implementation of Madrid Protocol in Indonesia
Issue 84,By Chamelia Sari, PRAWIRANEGARA International Patent & Trademark Law Office,[Trademark]
The Madrid system is an international route that provides a wider ease and reach for trademark owners to obtain trademark protection overseas compared to regional routes or. ... More
On Jan 28, China IP Judges Forum (4th Episode) held by China IP Magazine successfully convened in Beijing. ... More
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