Work on high-tech AR & VR park commences in Hainan——the 366th Issue --- China Intellectual Property

Work on high-tech AR & VR park commences in Hainan——the 366th Issue

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Work on the Haikou XLoong AR & VR High-tech Park began at the Haikou National High-tech Zone in Haikou, Hainan province, on Wednesday......More
A novel medical device invented by researchers from Hong Kong Baptist University can reduce the risk of carcinogenesis . ...More
Global trade in counterfeit Italian goods, from handbags to food products, cost .... More
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· Risks and Crimes Against Intellectual Property Online
Modiano Micaela N., Partner, Modiano & Partners,[Trademark]
The advent and growth of e-commerce over the last 20 years have had a major economic and social impact, influencing purchasing methods. ... More

The Causes and Judicial Determination of Trademark Dispute Online Games
Guo Zhenhua, Judge of Zhongguancun People’s Court, Haidian District People’s Court,[Trademark]

There has been a rapid development of mobile games since the rise of the mobile Internet. In essence, the development of . ... More
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