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the 137th Issue: Apple settles iPad trademark dispute in China for $60M2012/7/5 the 136th Issue:Legal battle threatens access to noninvasive fetal DNA test2012/6/29 the 135th issue:International IP Protection from 'Beijing Agreement'2012/6/21 the 134th Issue: Hard times call for innovative entrepreneurship2012/6/14 the 133rd Issue: China: Intellectual property strategies to enable a twofold increase of patents in strategic emerging indust2012/6/7 the 132nd Issue: SIPO: Efforts Continue to Strengthen IP Protection2012/5/24 the 131st Issue: Google unveils enhancement to search engine2012/5/17 the 130th Issue: China plans to enhance IPR creation capability2012/5/10 the 129th Issue:Luxury industry undermined by counterfeit goods2012/5/3 the 128th Issue:Good news for digital copyright industry: survey shows Chinese read less on paper but more online2012/4/28 the 127th Issue: E-commerce trademark cases rising2012/4/19 the 126th Issue: Website for China’s Crackdown upon Infringement and Piracy opened2012/4/12 the 125th Issue: Intellectual Property seminars for SMEs launched2012/4/6 the 124th Issue: Trademark squatting in China doesn’t sit well with U.S. retailers2012/3/29 the 123rd Issue:Trans Pacific Partnership: The Next Attempt at Internet Regulation2012/3/29 the 122nd Issue: China steps up anti-piracy fight: IPR cases in court up 38%2012/3/29 the 121st Issue: International Patent Filings Set New Record in 2011: WIPO2012/3/8 the 120th Issue: No more cheap film tickets in China2012/3/1 the 119th Issue: The 1st China LED IP Summit kicked off2012/2/23 the 118th Issue: iPad trademark dispute heats up, provokes debate2012/2/16 the 117th Issue:Premier: Clean Technology a Priority for Sino-German Cooperation2012/2/9 the 116th Issue:LG Electronics Wins Patent Dispute with Whirlpool2012/2/2 the 115th issue: Unilever Wins Namesake Trademark Registration Battle2012/1/19 the 112nd Issue: Official: Patent licensing grows with innovation2011/12/30 the 111st Issue: Courts handle over 52,000 new cases of IPR infringement2011/12/22 the 110th Issue: Court: Shenzhen company is owner of iPad trademark2011/12/16 the 109th Issue:Patent applications filed in China hit historical high2011/12/8 the 108th Issue:China to launch first 3D TV channel2011/12/1 the 107th Issue:China Likely to Become World's Biggest Filer of Patents in 20112011/11/24 the 106th Issue:China may become world's biggest patent filer2011/11/17

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