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Demand for Jin Yong’s Audiobooks Soars in China--the 388th Issue2018/12/7 China’s Strategic Emerging Industries Contribute 20% of GDP Growth--the 387th Issue2018/11/30 5th World Internet Conference Held in Wuzhen——the 386th Issue2018/11/23 China Spent $28.7 Billion on IP Imports in 2017——the 385th Issue2018/11/16 SPC Joins Hands with World Bank to Improve Global Business Climate——the 384th Issue2018/11/9 Content on Video-sharing Apps under Strict Management——the 383th Issue2018/11/1 ·US Bar-EPO Liaison Council Meeting 2018——the 382th Issue2018/10/25 ·Top 10 most admired companies in China for 2018——the 381th Issue2018/10/18 China’s third internet court opens in Guangzhou ——the 380th Issue2018/10/11 WIPO Assemblies 2018 Being Held——the 379th Issue2018/9/28 As 5G changes world, Ericsson continues to innovate, invest in the future——the 378th Issue2018/9/20 China's 2nd internet court opens in Beijing——the 377th Issue2018/9/13 Life Science IP industry map2018/9/12 Toutiao v. Tencent for Anti-unfair Competition: Business Freedom or Social Responsibility——the 376th Issue2018/9/7 The List of the Third National IP Service Branding Agency Releases——the 375th Issue2018/9/5 China first internet court handles over 10,000 cases——the 374th Issue2018/9/5 Shanghai cultural heritage shines at historic Egyptian library--the 373th Issue2018/8/17 China’s research institutes file more AI patents than businesses: report--the 372th Issue2018/8/15 NYC souvenir shop claims Balenciaga copied its bag--the 371th Issue2018/8/10 Chinese media of Ireland visit Jilin to promote Belt and Road Initiative--the 370th Issue2018/7/26 China IP - Market Report: The Global Intellectual Property Landscape2018/7/24 SIPO Deputy Commissioner Liao Tao Meeting with General IP Counsel of BMW Group Germany in Beijing--the 369th Issue2018/7/23 Chinese court accepts blockchain-authenticated evidence in copyright case——he 368th Issue2018/7/13 The Gansu Office Took the Lead to Inspect the Quality of Exhibited Products——he 367th Issue2018/7/9 Work on high-tech AR & VR park commences in Hainan——the 366th Issue2018/6/29 "HOLLAND" Not Allowed in Trademark?——the 365th Issue2018/6/22 European Corporate Counsel Summit to Be Held on June2018/6/12 Alliance Prevailing in Push for Better IP Protection——the 364th Issue2018/6/11 Beijing IP Judicial Protection Society Launches Officially——the 363th Issue2018/6/1 The National Work Conference of IPR System on Government Affairs held in Haikou——the 362th Issue2018/6/1

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