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the 257th Issue: China to nurture world-class timepiece brands2015/3/27 the 256th Issue: World IP Day 2015 – Get up, stand up. For music2015/3/20 the 255th Issue: IP Recommendations2015/3/13 the 254th Issue: China to nurture world-class timepiece brands2015/3/6 the 253rd Issue: International IP Law Firms 20152015/2/13 the 252nd Issue: WeChat Disciplinary System for IPR Infringement2015/2/6 the 251st Issue: 2201 Problematic Websites Being Closed by SAIC2015/1/30 the 250th Issue: INTA | Seminar on “Building Brands Abroad in the 21st Century” Successfully held in Beijing2015/1/23 the 249th Issue: The 5th China IP Annual Forum Concluded in Beijing2015/1/16 the 248th Issue: JDB V. Wanglaoji on the Red Tank Battle2014/12/26 the 247th Issue: The Fifth China IP Annual Forum2014/12/19 the 246th Issue: Free Training for China IP Magazine Subscribers2014/12/12 the 245th Issue: The First Mobile Internet Lawsuit on Anti-monopoly on Trial2014/12/5 the 244th Issue: The Application of English Trademark "Lincoln" Rejected2014/11/28 the 243rd Issue: The First Chinese Film and Television Copyright Auction Opened2014/11/21 the 242nd Issue: IM Global Purchased the Remake Rights of Breakup Buddies2014/11/14 the 241st Issue: ZTE Appealed against InterDigital for Patent Infringement2014/11/7 the 240th Issue: Chinese Cartoonists Successfully Defended their Copyright2014/10/31 the 239th Issue: USPTO nominates Lee as new director2014/10/24 the 238th Issue: Over 210,000 Patents from Taiwan was Applied in Mainland China during the Last Decade2014/10/17 the 237th Issue: Asia - Powering SMEs with IP Business Strategies2014/10/10 the 236th Issue: Lost in Thailand Defeated with 5 Million Yuan Compensation2014/9/26 the 235th Issue: International Copyright Forum: a Galaxy of Talents and Great Minds2014/9/19 the 234th Issue: Employees’ Patents Will Belong to the Companies Unconditionally in Japan2014/9/12 the 233rd Issue: Close cooperation between the UK and China on Intellectual Property2014/9/5 the 232nd Issue: ZTC Won Four Straight Cases against “337 Investigation”2014/8/29 the 231st Issue: Zippo injunction prevents Lorillard from selling blu eCigs in Germany2014/8/22 the 230th Issue: IP Week @ SG 2014 To Be Held in Singapore2014/8/15 the 229th Issue: Netac Technology v. Jingtian Electronics on Patent Infringement, Claiming for 50 Million Yuan2014/8/8 the 228th Issue: Bus WiFi IPR depute: Bus Online bringing a lawsuit against Vision China Media2014/8/1

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