IP Café┃Shanghai: Ministry of Commerce Calls for IP Protection

Shanghai: Ministry of Commerce Calls for IP Protection


CAn official from the Ministry of Commerce recently announced a 100-day campaign on IPR protection for the upcoming second China International Import Expo, calling for further IP protection from Aug 1 to Nov 10. According to the campaign, IP authorities will build an idea environment and optimized system for implementing IP protection and improving related services. It also called for joint efforts on judicial, police and IP administration departments in Shanghai on strengthening law enforcement for all participants of the expo, organizers of the CIIE said.

Optimize /ˈɑːptɪmaɪz/

to make sth as good as it can be; to use sth in the best possible way使最优化;充分利用

例句:To optimize a situation or opportunity means to get as much advantage or benefit from it as you can.

Runaway Animation Hit Cheers Investors, Producers

Ne Zha has become the highest-grossing animation movie ever made in China, topping the domestic box office for four consecutive weeks. The movie, which tells the story of how a mischievous boy fights against his fate and prejudice, premiered on July 26 and had taken in more than 4 billion Yuan (USD 567.9 million) by Aug 18. It has also surpassed the wartime action movie Operation Red Sea to rank fourth among all film genres screened on the Chinese mainland. Chen Shaofeng, a professor of culture and entertainment at Peking University, also in Beijing, said China has many good intellectual properties that have the potential to be developed into film franchises and multichannel businesses. "That will create much more profit for filmmakers and investors," he said. Chen said market-oriented reform in the domestic animation market is still at a very early stage, adding, "Looking ahead, more efforts are needed in intellectual property protection, cultivating talent, development of consumer products, and many other aspects."

Animation / ˌænɪˈmeɪʃn/

energy and enthusiasm in the way you look, behave or speak生气;活力;富有生命力

例句:His face was drained of all colour and animation.

China Has the Ability to Create, Determination to Protect IPR


After the US announced it will levy additional tariffs of 10 percent on another USD 300 worth of imports from China, some people in Washington continue to harp on the same old string, criticizing China for stealing US intellectual properties. People’s Daily comments: No country is perfect at protecting IPR. Even the developed counties that have a more mature IPR protection legal system have large numbers of IPR legal cases and disputes to settle at home and abroad. China would not have become one of the most popular destinations for foreign direct investment, if it performed in the field as badly as some US politicians allege.

Levy/ ˈlevi/

an extra amount of money that has to be paid, especially as a tax to the government征收额;(尤指)税款

例句:Taxes should not be levied without the authority of Parliament.

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