IP Café┃Legal Centers Help Overseas Business Operations

Legal Centers Help Overseas Business Operations


Jiangsu province has established seven legal service centers in other countries to meet the rising demand from its overseas enterprises and to offer platforms for enterprises to participate in international economic cooperation. Additionally, the centers promote cultural exchanges and strengthen communication with local governments, business associations, bar associations and law firms to establish good cooperative relationships. The Ministry of Justice decided in March to establish a national talent bank for foreign legal expertise and released a list of 1,000 lawyers dedicated to international legal services for the reference of overseas companies and institutions.

association /əˌsəʊʃiˈeɪʃn/

an official group of people who have joined together for a particular purpose 协会;社团;联盟

例句:Do you belong to any professional or trade associations?

Shenzhen to Introduce More Commercial Rules in Newly Planned Development Zone

Shenzhen is exploring a mechanism of introducing and transforming more international commercial rules in the Qianhai Special Zone, a recently released three-year action plan for of Qianhai’s legislation development said. The document said a plan to introduce more Hong Kong-type regulations is also being prepared in order to learn from the neighboring city’s legislative experience in industrial development and social management. The city intends to set up a settlement center for international commercial disputes and an international legal service center in Qianhai. The central authorities said in a recent guideline it would allow Shenzhen more flexibility in the legal sector.

introduce /ɪntrə’djuːs/

to tell two or more people who have not met before what each other’s names are; to tell sb what your name is 把…介绍(给);引见;(自我)介绍

例句:He introduced me to a Greek girl at the party.

SPC’s IPR Division Conducts Its First Circuit Hearing in Shandong


The Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People’s Court recently conducted its first circuit hearing in East China’s Shandong province, successfully settling a complex case through mediation. Revolving around a patent dispute, the involved parties had filed two civil lawsuits in addition to an application for the invalidation of the patent, making the case fairly complicated. The parties’ scattered locations in Shandong also added to the case’s complexity. Under such circumstances, the court decided to launch a provincial circuit hearing.

circuit /’sɜːkɪt/

a regular journey made by a judge to hear court cases in each of the courts of law in a particular area (法官的)巡回审判

例句:The earth takes a year to make a circuit of (= go around) the sun.

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