IP Café┃Aviation Expo Helps Companies Take Flight

Aviation Expo Helps Companies Take Flight

The Aviation Expo China 2019 held at the China National Convention Center from September 18 to 20 attracted nearly 300 exhibitors from 11 countries to display their latest technologies and services. In addition to its traditional exhibition areas including aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, aero-engines, onboard systems, airport and air traffic control, and industrial unmanned aerial vehicles, this year’s event featured the additions of technology innovation and trade, intelligent manufacturing concerning aerospace and aviation, additive manufacturing and airborne internet.

Manufacturing / mænjuˈfæktʃərɪŋ/

the business or industry of producing goods in large quantities in factories, etc. 制造业

例句:Wilful neglect of our manufacturing industry has caused this problem

Annual List of Major Cases Announced


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced an annual national list of top 10 cases concerning protecting new plant varieties of this year in Zhangye earlier this month. The model cases were selected by experts from renowned judicial and academic organizations including the Supreme People’s Court, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. By the end of July, more than 30,410 applications for new plant varieties had been made in China, some 3,640 of them filed this year. The country has ranked top of the world in terms of new plant varieties filings for two consecutive years, according to the ministry.

Renowned / renowned/

famous and respected 闻名的;受尊敬的

例句:The area is renowned for its Romanesque churches.

JPO Deputy Commissioner Shimano Kunihiko Leading a Delegation to CNIPA


Recently, CNIPA Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning met JPO Deputy Commissioner Shimano Kunihiko and his delegation in Beijing. The two sides exchanged their opinions on cooperation in patent classification in the field of semiconductor, AI international conference and other issues. According to Gan, the two countries have long maintained a good partnership in IP. CNIPA and JPO have carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges in the fields of personnel cultivation, legal system, examination operation, patent documentation and classification, information construction and reexamination, and have made fruitful achievements. He hoped that both sides could make joint efforts to further deepen IP exchanges and cooperation. Shimano Kunihiko spoke highly of the IP cooperation between China and Japan and hoped that both sides could continue to deepen exchanges and share IP-related experience. Principals of International Cooperation Department, Patent Documentation Department and Trademark Office of CNIPA attended this meeting.

Semiconductor / semikəndʌktər/

a solid substance that conducts electricity in particular conditions, better than insulators but not as well as conductors 半导体

例句: In semiconductor receivers transistors take the place of vacuum tubes.

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