IP Café┃Traditional Brands, Craft Promoted

Traditional Brands, Craft Promoted


A promotional event focusing on time-honored brands from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province was held in mid-October. The three-day event attracted more than 50 traditional brands from the region to showcase their signature products at a 3,000-square-meter exhibition. Business representatives and experts shared their insights into traditional brands’ development and innovation during the event. In addition, masters of more than 10 intangible cultural heritage items such as dough figurines, sugar pictures and paper-cutting showcased their crafts.

Innovation / ɪnəˈveɪʃn/

the act of starting something for the first time革新;创新

例句:The vegetarian burger was an innovation which was rapidly exported to Britain.

CNIPA to Blacklist Patent Violators


CNIPA has rolled out a regulation to blacklist individuals and organizations that severely violate patent-related laws and regulations. The names of the blacklisted will be published online. They will face various punishments. The regulation, scheduled to take effect on December 1, comes in response to a memorandum of understanding signed by 38 government departments in November 2018.

Violate/ ˈvaɪəleɪt/

to go against or refuse to obey a law, an agreement, etc. formal) 违反,违犯,违背(法律、协议等)

例句:They went to prison because they violated the law.

Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Turns 60


The Shanghai Institute of Ceramics that is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) celebrated its 60th anniversary on October 18. The institute focuses on innovation-driven development in science and technology and has been at the forefront of global materials research since its establishment in 1959. Its main research areas are structural ceramics, functional ceramics, transparent ceramics, artificial crystals, special glass and ceramic matrix composites. The institute also played an important role in contributing materials used to construct the country’s satellites, the Shenzhou spacecraft and the Chang’e moon rovers. As of the end of last year, SICCAS has received more than 1,100 science and technology awards, including 54 country-level ones. In addition, the number of patents by the academy are ranked within the top 10 in the country. Its papers, too, are among the most cited in the country.

Construct / kənˈstrʌkt/

to build or make sth such as a road, building or machine建筑;修建;建造

例句:The French constructed a series of fortresses from Dunkirk on the Channel coast to Douai.

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