IP Café┃Major International Expo Attracts over 910,000 Visitors

Major International Expo Attracts over 910,000 Visitors


The second China International Import Expo concluded in Shanghai on November 10. Under the theme of "New Era, Shared Future", the CIIE, as the world’s first import expo of its scale, has gained wide attention and high acclaim from around the world. During the second CIIE, more than 380 side activities and events were also held. The World Trade Organization released the Chinese version of the World Trade Report 2019 and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization launched its Industrial Development Report 2020. The World Intellectual Property Organization hosted an international cooperation forum on fighting fake commodities. Domestic provinces and cities also held a series of business and investment promotional activities during the CIIE. A new exhibition section featuring China’s intangible cultural heritage and time-honored brands has also showcased the country’s traditional culture and promoted international cultural exchanges, officials said. The second CIIE has also further improved its on-site service to provide participants with better experiences.

Showcase /ˈʃoʊkeɪs/

an event that presents sb’s abilities or the good qualities of sth in an attractive way 展示(本领、才华或优良品质)的场合

例句:Restored films are being showcased this month at a festival in Paris.

Association Opens Protection Center


A fashion intellectual property protection center was unveiled during China Fashion Week held from October 25 to November 2, according to the China Fashion Association. The center aims to advance the establishment of China’s fashion IP protection system, safeguard the rights of original designs and inspire innovation in the fashion sector, the CFA said. Its president, Zhang Qinghui, said the association will encourage originality in the fashion industry and accelerate commercialization of designs.


to remove a cover or curtain from a painting, statue, etc. so that it can be seen in public for the first time 为…揭幕;揭开…上的覆盖物;拉开…的帷幔

例句: Companies from across Europe are here to unveil their latest models.

Team Assembled to Solve Patent Disputes


During an auto parts fair held in Jinan, capital of Shandong province in mid-October, local authorities put together a team incorporating enforcement officials and legal aid professionals in a bid to handle intellectual property disputes. The group settled 10 patent disputes on-site. This year, the host city has focused on fighting counterfeits in such sectors as pharmaceuticals, home appliances and electronics. Key venues under supervision include malls, supermarkets, online shops and exhibitions and fairs.


connected with making and selling drugs and medicines 制药的;配药的;卖药的

例句:Antibiotics were of no use, neither were other pharmaceuticals.

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