IP Café┃Global IP News of the Week

IP Café┃Major International Expo Attracts over 910,000 Visitors

IP Café┃Revised Trademark Law to Take Effect on November 1

IP Café┃Procedures Streamlined for Business

IP Café┃Traditional Brands, Craft Promoted

IP Café┃Protection Center Opens in Guangzhou

IP Café┃Time-honored Brands to be Given Boost

IP Café┃Aviation Expo Helps Companies Take Flight

IP Café┃SAIC Maxus Unveils New D60 SUVs

IP Café┃Legal Centers Help Overseas Business Operations

IP Café┃Shanghai: Ministry of Commerce Calls for IP Protection

IP Café┃Bureau Approved as Pilot Organization

IP Café┃Chinese Courts See Rapid Rise in Cases and Transparency

IP Café┃Patent office set up in Lhasa