European Chamber Business Confidence Survey 2008 Reports Business Opportunities and Challenges in China

Issue26,By Li Wei, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants jointly published on November 25 the European Chamber Business Confidence Survey 2008. More than 250 European companies expressed their optimism and worries about conducting business in China.

Though facing a greater number of challenges, the survey showed, most European businesses in China are optimistic about the Chinese market. Despite a slowdown in the Chinese economy, the rise in number of European businesses in China, especially medium and small-sized companies, illustrated that China continues to be a land of hot investments. More companies realized higher profitability than in the previous year, and for more than two thirds of the companies surveyed, their China branches took no more than 10% of their global business, showing a huge potential for growth. Compared to companies in other sectors, hi-tech enterprises had suffered more from intellectual property violations by Chinese businesses at markets home and abroad.

The Confidence Survey 2008 will be presented to government and regulatory agencies in China, the European Commission, and EU Member State Governments, as well as to a wide range of business organizations and companies in China and Europe.

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