Patent applications create big achievements for enterprises


According to the united statistics of State Intellectual Property Office and State Statistical Bureau, in 2008, China had 17,884 enterprises applied patents, accounting for 4.2% of the total 426,000 industrial enterprises above designed size, and achieved revenue of 11.2478 trillion yuan from main operation, accounting for 22.3% of the total revenue of industrial enterprises above designed size.

In 2008, the enterprises applied patents achieved revenue of 2.9233 trillion yuan from sale of new products, accounting for 51.2%; achieved export sales of 708.3 billion yuan on new products, accounting for 50.1%; achieved total profits of 792.1 billion yuan, accounting for 25.8%; and achieved total industrial out-put revenue of 10.989 trillion yuan, accounting for 21.2%.

According to statistics, China had 13,279 enterprises above designed size gaining patents in 2008, accounted for 3.1% of industrial enterprises above designed size. 8,766 enterprises applied invention patents in that year and 2,542 of which gained invention patents, and respectively accounted for 2.1% and 0.6% of industrial enterprises above designed size.
                                                                                                   Source: IPR in China