IP Café┃Protection Center Opens in Guangzhou --- China Intellectual Property

IP Café┃Protection Center Opens in Guangzhou

Protection Center Opens in Guangzhou


The Pazhou Intellectual Property Protection Center was launched in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong province, earlier this month. The center will focus on the exhibition industry and digital economy, its founders said. The Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center hosts nearly 100 events a year. This includes the long-standing China Import and Export Fair, which helped the conference and exhibition industry grow into a pillar of the local economy. The city’s decision-makers have also decided to build an experimental zone focusing on artificial intelligence and digital economy, seeking breakthroughs in core technologies.

Launch /lɔːntʃ/

to start an activity, especially an organized one 开始从事,发起,发动(尤指有组织的活动)

例句:NASA plans to launch a satellite to study cosmic rays .

Shanghai Cracks Down on IPR Violations Ahead of 2nd CIIE


Shanghai authorities have uncovered 328 intellectual property rights (IPR) violation cases in a campaign ahead of the second China International Import Expo (CIIE). The cases were worth over 3 billion Yuan (USD 420 million) and 285 suspects have been detained, according to the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration. Authorities in Shanghai launched an IPR protection campaign for the second China International Import Expo on August 1. The city’s public security bureau, intellectual property administration and customs authorities participated in the 100-day campaign. Meanwhile, the Shanghai People’s Procuratorate has set up a special team to handle CIIE-related IPR violation cases and the customs authorities have set up a branch to supervise the international expositions and exhibit items. The second CIIE is scheduled for November 5 to 10 in Shanghai with an exhibition area of 360,000 square meters while over 3,000 enterprises from about 150 countries and regions have signed up for the event.

Detain /dɪˈteɪn/

to keep sb in an official place, such as a police station, a prison or a hospital, and prevent them from leaving 拘留;扣押

例句:The act allows police to detain a suspect for up to 48 hours .

Traditional Crafts to be Celebrated


An international festival of intangible cultural heritage is scheduled to be held from October 17 to October 22 in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province. The event will focus on the integration of intangible cultural heritage with tourism, organizers said. In addition to international forums, more than 200 community activities will be held during the festival to give people opportunities to experience heritage, including handicrafts and culinary skills.

Heritage / ˈherɪtɪdʒ/

the history, traditions and qualities that a country or society has had for many years and that are considered an important part of its character遗产(指国家或社会长期形成的历史、传统和特色)

例句: The historic building is as much part of our heritage as the paintings.

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