International IP Law Firms 2019

International IP Law Firms, launched in 2004 by Hurrymedia, is the unique annual and bilingual (Chinese and English) IP directory,  featuring 10,000 leading IP law firms and organizations from more than 100 countries. The directory is circulated to 30,000 worldwide readers, including all engaged staff in business, commerce and the law. Through years of experience, International IP Law Firms has become an indispensable IP information Inquiry tool. It also offers a clear guide for Chinese enterprises which intends to expand bussiness abroad and effectively support IP firms to seek partners abroad.

International IP Law Firms along with its On-line Inquiry also has  long been dedicated to the construction of a global platform for dynamic, efficient exchange and share of information in the IP service field. For the past 13 years, remarkable improvement has been made in easy utilization, convenient access and authoritative information provision. In 2014, we further updated the system, a service assessment function was added, in which one can know the IP service agencies' competitive strength and standard by learning the assessment given by their clients and peers.  

The new edition of 2019 is published on November 2019, welcome you to friendly check it.

Benefits of Participation
     1. Offer you the opportunity to establish your names within China IP market
     2. Reach your target clients worldwide
     3. Support intellectual property discussion between IP firms worldwide
  4. Provide IP professionals with authoritative, relevant and timely information on intellectual property
     5. Assist IP professionals to choose IP firms in foreign countries to meet their IP professional needs.

International IP Firms
Inquiry and Assessment

Recommended IP Figures

  • Younghoon PARK

  • Flora Qiqiao ZHANG

  • Gilberto Luigi Petraz

  • Davide Luigi Petraz

  • Sang-ki PARK

  • Ben (beyong-ho) Yuu

  • Sonia Carlos Antonio

  • Rafael Garutti

  • Inês Monteiro Alves

  • Daniele Giovanni Petraz

  • Vitor Palmela Fidalgo

  • Mr. Syed Zeeshan Haider