World's first solar panel expressway being repaired

World's first solar panel expressway being repaired


The world's first expressway section paved with solar panels, which opened for trial service in Jinan, Shandong province, on December 28, is undergoing repairs, Qilu Transportation Development Group said on Monday.
The construction work triggered rumors the expressway is being demolished.
Responding to the rumors, the company that built it said construction workers are repairing the asphalt and concrete layers under the solar panels so they can provide better support.
After more than eight months of use, the asphalt and concrete layers had exhibited problems including loosening, overflowing, piling up and cavitation caused by factors such as rainfall and heavy vehicles.
Some solar panels that were deformed by the bad asphalt and concrete layers will also be replaced.
Qilu Transportation Development built the 1,120-meter section of expressway for testing and to collect scientific data. Previous reports said the 5,874-square-meter area paved with solar panels has a peak power generating capacity of 817.2 kilowatts and a designed service life of 20 years.
The power generated by the solar panels has been used for lighting on the expressway as well as its electronic information boards, spraying liquids to melt snow, and for toll stations

Source: China Daily

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