China Vows to Crack Down on Online Piracy of Domestic Films

China Vows to Crack Down on Online Piracy of Domestic Films


On February 10, China's copyright administration vowed to crack down on online piracy to protect the copyrights of domestic films, after a number of films were pirated during Chinese New Year, including sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth. China's National Copyright Administration announced on Sina Weibo the distribution of pirated New Year films has been contained to a certain extent, noting that it would transfer copyright offenders to the public security organs to investigate their criminal liability in serious cases. The agency's announcement was made following media reports that online piracy of many Chinese New Year films was rampant. This included a pirated version of The Wandering Earth sold online on the second day of the release under 10 yuan ($1.48). The agency also urged netizens to provide rights infringement clues and work together to purify the network copyright environment.


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