Gellec sues SEMCORP for patent infringement, claiming for 50 million Yuan


On November 13, Hebei Gellec New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gellec") released on its official website a statement about its patent infringement lawsuit against Shanghai SEMCORP. According to the statement, Gellec has filed a lawsuit at the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court against Zhuhai SEMCORP and Shanghai SEMCORP for the infringement of its ZL201810969215.2 invention patent entitled "battery diaphragm and its preparation method". Gellec said the defendants manufactured, sold and promised to sell a large number of infringing products that violated the patent rights involved without permission, making a huge amount of infringing profit. Gellec asked the court to order the two defendants to immediately stop the infringement, and destroy the infringing products and the equipment for manufacturing the products. It also sought 50 million yuan in damages and the relevant litigation costs.