Amazon Files for Amazon Flow Trademark, Maybe It's One App to Bind All Media

Amazon Files for Amazon Flow Trademark, Maybe It's One App to Bind All Media


Amazon has made a couple of moves that indicate it could be working on an iCloud-like media network service for its Kindle devices called Amazon Flow, reports Fusible.

The appearances of the Flow name started last week with Amazon registering several private domain names related to the Flow moniker. Amazon registered Amazonflow, along with, and others.

This week, Amazon has filed for the Amazon Flow trademark with the US Patent Office. The mark, #85459329, focuses on a few different classes including ‘electronic transmission of text, data, images, graphics, audio and video from mobile electronic communications devices’ and ‘providing an online network that enables users to access and share content, text, data, images, graphics, audio, video, purchasing products via a global computer network and…enabling access to social networking services.’

These descriptors seem to indicate that Amazon Flow is being designed to pull together all of the various types of media that Amazon serves up and allow users to browse it all within one app.

Since the Kindle Fire’s entire OS is built around doing this already, Flow would likely rear its head on other devices like iPhones, iPads and Android tablets.

If we had to guess what the Kindle Flow app might look like, we’d say a lot like the Kindle Fire tablet.

This could provide Amazon with a single channel to distribute all of its content to users and might simplify the process of enjoying your Amazon media on other devices.

If you could read a book, watch a movie, shop for items on Amazon and share all of that with your social networks in one place, this would make for a more cohesive Amazon experience on hardware other than the Kindle Fire.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for a comment on this and will let you know if we hear back.

The Kindle Fire is set to take the low-end tablet market by storm with its unique stance as a portal for all Amazon content. In fact, we believe that it could be a serious disruptor for the as-yet nascent Android tablet market.


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