Alibaba and Doraemon Join Hands to Offer 'Miraculous Gadgets'

Alibaba and Doraemon Join Hands to Offer 'Miraculous Gadgets'


Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is joining hands with Japanese cartoon character Doraemon to offer consumers "miraculous gadgets from the 22nd Century".

At a press conference on Monday, the robotic cat, with thousands of cutting-edge tools in its small pocket, became the mascot of Taobao, the largest online shopping platform run by Alibaba. The two sides will set up an online store, from which consumers can purchase gadgets featured in the story of the Doraemon manga series such as the "bamboo-copter", a small head accessory that allows flight in future.

The e-commerce giant also bought the copyright of the robotic cat and allows sellers on its platform to develop more Doraemon-related products.

Doraemon is the most popular cartoon character on Taobao. The company said it has been on top of the sales list for a long time, with the plush doll and T-shirt being the most favored items among those born in the 80s and 90s.

Source: China Daily

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