The 80th China IP Magazine---PATENT SPECIAL ISSUE!

The 80th China IP Magazine---PATENT SPECIAL ISSUE!


The 80th China IP Magazine
The 80th China IP magazine will focus on patent to raise the public awareness of the patent’s importance, to discuss the past, current and future development of patent in China and around the world, and to lay a solid foundation for the further communication of IP in the future events which China IP will attend.
I. Opportunities
a. Distribution in key events:
The 8th Patent Information Annual Conference of China, September 5-6, Beijing, China
AIPPI 2017 SYDNEY WORLD CONGRESS, October 13-17, Sydney, Australia
17th Open Forum, FICPI international Global Event, October 25 - 28 2017, Venice, Italy
IP Life Sciences Exchange, 15-16 November 2017, Frankfurt Germany
Future Tech IP Summit, 27 November 2017, London
IP Summit 2017 Brussels – December 7-8 2017
b. Effective promotion platform:
China IP is an influential brand in the Chinese IP field with over 13 years’ market experiences;
12 issues in Chinese and 6 issues in English every year;
China IP Magazine is distributed to over 120,000 IP Professionals and individuals in the IP;
Organization from more than 30 countries all around the world;
China IP Magazine’s readers include domestic and international enterprises, IP firms and related
China IP Magazine has reached an influential readership of In-house IP Managers in China.
II. Our Partners

Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent Ltd
Shanghai Co-effort Law Firm
Chofn Intellectual Property
World Patent & Trademark Law Office Inc.
WINCO Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Firm
Gintasset Patent, Trademark, Design & Copyright
White and Williams LLP
Richelet & Richelet Attorneys at Law Patent & Trademark Agents
Modiano & Partners European Patent & Trademark Attorneys
Gorodissky & Partners
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners
Dennemeyer & Associates S.A.
STAUDT IP LAW Intellectual Property
Barger, Piso & Partners
Patice IP Legal
LLC Ineureka
Danubia Patent & Law Office
SBGK Law Office

III. Contribution
a. Article contribution: 

Length (words)
short IP news (of government, enterprise, industry, conference, data and globe) which has happened in July and August
USD 500, with a free ad in a fixed form.
Typical Patent Cases in China
About 800 per case
Introduction of a patent case involved with patent including 3 parts – keywords, synopsis and judge’s comment
USD 800, with a free ad in a fixed form.
Report on a IP event happening recently
USD 1000, with a free ad in a fixed form.
An interview with an IP experts
USD 1000, with a free ad in a fixed form.
Enterprise’s IP
Covering the general trend of In-house IP management as well as IP related litigations and cooperation between companies.
USD 1000, with a free ad in a fixed form.
IP Managers
An article focused on the experience of an IP manager
USD 1000, with a free ad in a fixed form.
USD 1500, with a free ad in a fixed form.
Global IP
An article analyzing and stating the situation and/or views on patent issues (the author should come from other countries instead of China)
USD 1500, with a free ad in a fixed form.

IV. Ad contribution

V. Package Cooperation
a. 12 articles for Chinese version and 6 articles for English version will get the free full page entry in both of the two version for the whole year.
b. 6 articles for Chinese version and 3 articles for English version will get the free half page entry in both of the two version for the whole year.
c. 12 articles for Chinese version will get the opportunity of publishing 3 free articles in the
English version and 6 articles for English version will get the opportunity of publishing 6 free articles in Chinese version
VI. Our Website
English website receives over 45,000users every month. There
Are 12,000 registered individual members and 3500 corporate members till March, 2017.
Chinese website receives over 60,000 users every month. There are 15,000 registered individual members and 4,000corporate members till March 2017.
China IP Magazine delivers 14,000 email newsletter every week.
China IP Magazine is also active in Chinese social media, with over 75,000 followers on Wechat and 68, 796 followers on Weibo.
VII. About China Intellectual Property Magazine
China IP is a magazine comprehensively reporting developments of Chinese IP industry and serving IP professionals in enterprises. Since its establishment in 2004, China IP has been devoting itself to efficiently disseminating the philosophy and value of IP globally. To date, with the core products of the Chinese and English magazines, our products range from International IP Law Firms Directory to newspapers, websites, e-magazines, IP Weekly, WeChat, Weibo, conferences and forums, researches and surveys, etc.
VIII. Branded products and services
China IP Magazine Chinese Version (monthly), China IP Magazine English Version (bimonthly),
China IP Website, China IP Annual Forum, China IP Judge Forum, IP Salon, IP Seminar, “Being a Guest in the Editorial Office” salon, International IP Law Firms Directory (IIPF), IIPF Online Inquiry System, researches and surveys, Wechat, Weibo (Microblog), LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook etc.
IX. Contact
Our Booth In INTA

Our Booth In ECTA

(+86) 10 5218 8229
(+86) 10 5218 8228
(+86) 10 5218 8231

People watch

It is lucky for Chen Jun to began his career in the IP industry 14 years ago when the first group of IP managers for businesses appeared on the stage in China and he has been in the industry.

It was this “Whampoa Military Academy” for IP that educated China’s first batch of corporate IP management personnel. Many of these engineers left Foxconn in the years since.