the 136th Issue:Legal battle threatens access to noninvasive fetal DNA test --- China Intellectual Property

the 136th Issue:Legal battle threatens access to noninvasive fetal DNA test

China IP Weekly   Issue 136    June, 29th, 2012
Baby genome found in mom’s blood! Ever since scientists made this discovery, genetic tests that analyze fetal DNA from the blood of the mother-to-be have been arriving in a rush... More
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have become a major force in pushing forward China’s science and technology innovation, an official said Friday... More
China on Tuesday hailed the signing of an international treaty in Beijing by the World Intellectual Property Organization on protecting audio-visual performers’ rights... More
· The IP dilemma of Tmall     Issue 48, By Doris Li, China IP,[Patent]
In recent years, the B2C market in China has expanded rapidly, accompanied by the emergence of intense industry competition. This competition has brought with it low-quality and low-cost as well as the uneven product quality and service levels, according to industry insiders...
· Administrative enforcement of copyright: how to determine injuries to public interest     Issue 48, By Yang Yong, Director of Investigation and Inspection Division of Shanghai Municipal Cultural Law Enforcement Corps,[Copyright]
The copyright administrative department is responsible only for investigation of “infringements upon copyright when causing damage to the public interest simultaneously.”...

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