the 152nd Issue: China and innovation: some myths to dispel --- China Intellectual Property

the 152nd Issue: China and innovation: some myths to dispel

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Several major music websites in China including Kugoo, Koowo, Baidu player and QQ music are planning to begin charging for music downloads by early next year.

A staff member at the record company Universal Music Group (China), who declined to disclose his name, said the move has not been confirmed, but "the change is highly possible"...
On a recent to visit to China to speak at the World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos in Tianjin, I was struck by a palpable sense of urgency. Catching up with US GDP was no longer the only burning issue; China, it was said, needs to close the gap with the US on innovation... More
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On the eve of World Intellectual Property Day, the Supreme People’s Court announced the Top 10 Judicial IP Protection Cases (Top 10 Cases) of 2011. The list was comprised of seven civil cases, two administrative cases and one criminal case... More
· A comparative study on the approaches to the determination of non-obviousness between China and U.S.  Issue 50,by Shi Bisheng Judge with the IP Tribunal of Beijing Higher People’s Court,[Patent]
The determination of non-obviousness in a patent is both the key and the difficult point for obtaining and challenging the patent in China; it is also a frequently encountered important problem in raising the defense against patent infringement in the U.S. With greater economic integration and interactions, more and more patent applications are filed in both China and U.S. As a result,.. More
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