the 188th Issue: Riding the crest of a boom in IPR --- China Intellectual Property

the 188th Issue: Riding the crest of a boom in IPR

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The World Intellectual Property Organization has scheduled a workshop in December to teach indigenous peoples the value of the intellectual property system in protecting their knowledge and resources... More
With the Chinese government starting a nationwide effort to strengthen IPR protection through the legal system and the Chinese courts, it is boom time for intellectual property rights in China... More
The US International Trade Commission on Monday initiated a patent investigation into a Chinese medical device company and its two US entities, instituting yet another Section 337 probe involving Chinese companies... More
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· Model IP Cases of China From 2012 (1) Issue 55, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
1. Trademark infringement and unfair competition case over the “BMW” trademark
1st Inst. Case No.: (2011) ErZhongMinChuZi No. 4789 Civil Judgment, the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court
2nd Inst. Case No.: (2012) GaoMinZhongZi No. 918 Civil Judgment, the Beijing Higher People’s Court...
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