the 253rd Issue: International IP Law Firms 2015 --- China Intellectual Property

the 253rd Issue: International IP Law Firms 2015

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International IP Law Firms, launched in 2004 by Hurrymedia, is the unique annual and bilingual (Chinese and English) IP directory, featuring 10,000 leading IP law firms and organizations from more than 70 countries... More
In 2014, KIPO underwent an organizational reshuffling of its examination and trial bodies, and it outlined its "Strategy for an IP-based Creative Economy." These actions were part of an effort to create a national IP ecosystem in which people’ s creative ideas lead to innovative IPRs, startups, and jobs... More
Four executives of Chinese online video service QVOD were indicted Friday in Beijing for spreading pornography on the Internet... More
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·Global landscape of IP law changing Issue 64, By Emily Tan, Stella Yang, Vivien Hou, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]
The intellectual property(IP)legal system is the product of economy and technology development. Most of the countries with advanced science and technology have established their IP legal systems at a very early stage and have gradually improved their systems in accordance with their economy development... More
Under this new environment, the determination of tort of the right to network dissemination of information, liability for tort, etc. becomes the focus in the jurisprudential circle... More
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