the 279th Issue: China Launches First Big Data Pilot Zone --- China Intellectual Property

the 279th Issue: China Launches First Big Data Pilot Zone

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China launched its first big data pilot zone in the southwestern province of Guizhou last Friday... More
Since 2008, Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization have released the annual Global Innovation Index. Basically, it’s a list of the most innovative countries in the world... More
An MOU signed between IPOS and the UK Intellectual Property Office will improve international cooperation between the two IP offices, on issues relating to copyright, patents, trade mark and design... More
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Case 1: Determination of Losses of Rights Holders in the Crime of Technical Secrets Infringement
First-instance Case No.: (2012) PuXing(Zhi)ChuZi No. 42
Second-instance Case No.: (2013) HuYiZhongXing(Zhi) ZhongZi No. 10...

China has a “first-to-file” system for trademark protection, but the new Trademark Law which took effect as of 1 May 2014 for the first time provides for the prior right to... More

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