336 Patent Information Practice Talents Selected by SIPO--the 320th Issue --- China Intellectual Property

336 Patent Information Practice Talents Selected by SIPO--the 320th Issue

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To enforce the team building of IP talents, further strengthen the team and improve the structure and layout of the team, SIPO developed the 2nd National Patent Information Practice... More
As we knew, Jordan became the 152nd member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on March 9, 2017... More
From Wow to Now and How, GES2017 convened attendees from over 50 countries for a journey that explored the possible and actionable in the future of shopping.... More
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·Analysis of the Path to Solve the Conflict of Rights in Patent Licensing Confirmation
Issue 77, By Mu Ying Judge, Beijing Intellectual Property Court,[Patent]
The conflict of rights is common during licensing of intellectual property. Although there also may be conflicts between other civil rights, the intangibility... More
·The Possible Improvement in China’s Patent Invalidation Declaration System
Issue 77, By Li Mingde Professor, Center for Intellectual Property, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,[Patent]
Since October 2015, fierce patent war has broken out between Sogou and Baidu. On the one hand, this patent litigation has attracted wide attention because of its involvement with... More
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