The 2nd Legal Forum on Intelligent Connected Vehicle will kick off on May 25


The automotive industry's shift towards digitization and sustainability has triggered significant transformations throughout the sector. Innovations in technology and business models, particularly those related to intelligent connected vehicles(ICVs), have garnered widespread attention. These industries have emerged as pivotal drivers of economic recovery, technological advancement, and social progress.

However, alongside technological progress, challenges such as intellectual property (IP) infringement and unfair competition have arisen to impact the sustainable growth of innovative enterprises in the sector. Additionally, evolving regulatory frameworks both domestically and internationally have raised concerns about data security and legal compliance, presenting formidable challenges for companies seeking global expansion.

To promote sustainable innovation and development in ICVs-related industries, it's crucial to continually refine policies and legal frameworks while establishing robust domestic and international competition mechanisms. Enterprises also need to enhance the expertise and capabilities of their IP and legal teams.

Thus comes the 2nd Legal Forum on Intelligent Connected Vehicles that is co-organized by the Intelligent Technology Law Research Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, the Intelligent Industry Research Center of Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Strategy Research Institute, the Beijing Globe Intellectual Property Litigation Research Institute, and China IP Magazine. 

Building on the success of its inaugural session, this year’s forum, themed on "Unfair Competition, Global Expansion, and Innovative Development", will convene in Beijing on May 25, 2024.  Industry luminaries, IP practitioners, and scholars will gather to have an in-depth discussion on a variety of topics as indicated below:

Data Security and Legal Compliance
Strategies for Intellectual Property Application and Protection
Legal Frameworks to Combat Unfair Competition
Licensing Mechanisms and Rates for Standard Essential Patents
Legal Challenges and Strategies for Global Expansion

Mark your calendar for this day to acquire invaluable insights and connect with industry mavens. 

To know more about the forum, let’s revisit last year’s event by the following video:


For more registration information and event details, stay up-to-date with us.