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the 13th Issue: Software IP Protection During the Financial Crisis

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 13 Foward       Subscription    August  27, 2009

·Netizens' Supports Increasing with Nation's Online Anti-piracy Measures
August 25: One year later, the case of "" again arouses discussion among netizens. Last Thursday, Huqiu District Court of Suzhou made a verdict and webmaster of, Hong Lei, was sentenced to three and half year's prison and one million's fine. Some netizens believed the punishment of the verdict to be too heavy. More

·Handling IP Disputes in US State Courts
Sophisticated companies, when evaluating whether to participate in foreign markets, consider a number of factors in addition to the potential demand for their products in those markets. Each foreign market poses different challenges with respect to the manner in which they protect the interests of their constituents.

Coach takes on fakers in court
AMERICAN luxury goods manufacturer Coach Inc is suing a garment market in the city's Luwan District for allowing its stall holders to sell counterfeit items. It is the second time since July that Coach has sued markets in the city over selling bogus goods carrying the famous brand name. More

Ruyan protects patents abroad
Ruyan Group Holdings Ltd, the inventor of electronic cigarettes, hailed a US regulatory agency's warning against other brands of e-cigarettes as good news in its fight against copycats.Scott Fraser, vice president of Ruyan Group, said the announcement by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will help Ruyan protect its intellectual property rights to its e-cigarette brand.More

·Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo fight Google Books
Three of Google's biggest online rivals have joined the fight against a court settlement that would give Google the rights to sell millions of books on the Internet, meida reports said Monday. Microsoft confirmed Friday that it had agreed to join a coalition opposing the Google deal. Amazon and Yahoo have also joined. More

·Wen Jiabao: Enterprises Should Change to Produce Independent IP Products

·WIPO-SIPO Advanced Workshop on IP Management held

·Opinions on IPRs exchanged between China and the United States

·Britain plans to ban repeat copyright offenders from Net

·Writers call on enhancing online copyright protection

China IP Articles

·Software IP Protection During the Financial Crisis (Issue 30 By Harry Yang)
The spread of the financial crisis in 2009 has affected all walks of life in China, including the software industry. In order to save costs and reduce expenditures, some enterprises ceased buying legitimate software, some cut their budgets for legitimate software, and some even started to use pirated software instead.More

Bayer:Research & Innovation Decides IP Protection Strategy 
(Issue 30 By Doris Li)
Bayer was created in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer in Germany. For Bayer, March 6 is a memorable day, for on that day in 1899, Bayer obtained a registration for the trademark Aspirin, which later became the world’s most widely used and best known pharmaceutical brand known as the “drug of the century” and supported strongly the commercial success of the company.More

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