the 98th Issue:Rock veterans win copyright fight --- China Intellectual Property

the 98th Issue:Rock veterans win copyright fight

China IP Weekly   Issue 98 Forward       Subscription    September. 15th, 2011

Companies need to recognize the importance of patent documents as part of their development strategy and use those resources throughout the entire innovation process... More

·Rock veterans win copyright fight

On Monday, the EU Council voted to extend the copyright on sound recordings from 50 to 70 years.The move follows a campaign by artists like Cliff Richard as well as lesser-known performers, who said they should continue to earn from their creations...  More

· China is set to establish a national IP trading market

China will establish a national intellectual property trading market, a move to conduct risk compensation on IP pledge financing, which will help medium and small sized enterprises (MSEs) solve financing difficulties by means of IP financial services...More

· Chang'an to expand into European markets
· Original designs drive Camerich's global growth
· China-EU IPR2 project boosts cooperation on IPR protection
COFCO Trust Co., Ltd. (COFCO Trust) is a “rising star” in the domestic trust industry, but has taken the lead among domestic peers in opening up new area for investment and exploring new models for intellectual property (IP) financing...  More 
In February 2010 and April 2011, two companies, Beijing Vestone Capital Co., Ltd. (Vestone Capital) and Beijing Fuhigh Financial Investment Consultant Co., Ltd. (Fuhigh Financial) showed in both two phases of innovative trust fund plans raised by COFCO Trust Co., Ltd... More 

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