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the 138th Issue: New iPad 'will not fare well' on mainland

China IP Weekly   Issue 138    July, 12th, 2012
Apple Inc has announced it will release the new model of its iPad on July 20, but the launch could be greeted with indifference in the Chinese mainland market, which has been forced to wait for the new tablet that was rolled out to the rest of world several months ago... More
Producers struggling as they face challenges of piracy, ’unfair’ revenue distribution

In January, Song Ke, arguably the most popular music producer in China, announced he was quitting the business to run a roast duck restaurant. Five months later, he made an equally surprising return.

Software industry is knowledge-incentive industry and intellectual property rights (IPR) is its soul. However, today’s IPR protection can not meet the need of the industry... More
· 2011 Top 10 IP Cases in China’s Software Industry     Issue 49, By Research Group of China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
1.Key points: cooperation on online games, high compensation

Korea Company Claimed Three Million Yuan for Infringement upon Its Game Cabal Online ...

· Sotheby’s fights for its brand in mainland China     Issue 49 By Jessie Chen, China IP,[Trademark]
Auction is a special type of commodity transaction in the human society. It first appeared in ancient Rome, and became an industry in Europe in the 17th and 18th century. After hundreds of years of development with the market economy, the ancient but burgeoning industry is spreading its unique charm around the globe...

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