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the 139th Issue: Steve Jobs' Android comments won't be in Apple-Samsung trial

China IP Weekly   Issue 139    July, 19th, 2012
Steve Jobs won’t be heard in the Apple-Samsung patent infringement trial after all.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh today granted an Apple request to ban disparaging comments the late Apple CEO made about Google’s Androidoperating system, according to a Reuters report... More

After basketball legend Michael Jordan filed a trademark infringement suit over use of his name in China, NBA star Kobe Bryan is now in a similar dispute... More

A US chemicals firm is suing Coca-Cola for patent infringement, claiming the beverage behemoth stole a molecule, PEM, designed to enhance the barrier properties of PET... More
· Analyzing commercial success of inventions in China     Issue 49, By Stevan Porter and Michelle Rakiec, Managing Directors of AdValum Consulting,[Patent]
When Julio Franco debuted in Major League Baseball in April 1982, he brought with him a solid shortstop’s throwing arm, basestealing speed, and one of the most unusual batting stances ever seen in the profession...
· Interview with Horacio E. Gutiérrez, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft     Issue 49,By Monica Zhang, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
On the eve of the World Intellectual Proper Day, Horacio E. Gutiérrez, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of the Intellectual Property Group of Microsoft came to China to attend the 6th International Conference on the Intellectual Property Protection of High Technology, and accepted the interview invitation from China IP...

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