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the 143rd Issue: Made in China still strong

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Although products made in China account for 19.8 percent of global trade, the highest in the world, China’s manufacturing industry is experiencing difficulties... More
Innovation is all around us, commercialization is a challenge: such a characterization could well be used to describe Hong Kong. As the SAR possesses such inventive companies as Rehab-Robotics, iMusicTech and Ximplar, there remain all too many innovations that ultimately become unfulfilled opportunities... More
As Intellectual Property (IP) becomes an increasingly important component of doing business in an increasingly globalized economy, Singapore’s Ministry of Law has recently announced its aims to enhance the city-state’s role as an Asian IP hub, and service the potential growth in demand for IP services in the region.... More
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· The application of Article 33 in China’s Patent Law and a study of the Cartridge Case Issue 49, By Miao Yu and Ran Jianguo, Examiners of Patent Examination Cooperation Center Beijing, Patent Office, SIPO,[Patent]
I.Understanding of Article 33 and other regulatory documents

Article 33 of the Patent Law provides that an applicant may amend his patent application as filed, but amendment of invention or utility model applications may not exceed the scope of disclosure contained in the original written description and claims, and amendment of design applications, the original drawings or photographs... More
· Analyses and Reflections on the NIVEA Trademark Case   Issue 49,By Anne Zhang, China IP,[Trademark]
The NIVEA decision has attracted wide media attention. According to Mr. Lei, lawyer of the Legal Department at Beiersdorf AG Beiersdorf, as early as March 2009, its Brand Protection Department discovered clues on the case in a crackdown action, and then assisted the relevant administrative authorities to investigate the case.... More
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