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the 148th Issue: Historic Patent Reform Implemented by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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Chinese giant hopes to increase presence in PC service sectors
    Lenovo Group Ltd, the world's second-largest PC maker by market share, has made its first foray into software development after buying the US-based cloud-computing company Stoneware Inc, for an undisclosed amount, which has millions of users in education and the US public sector...
Officials from the International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department (ICLAD) at OHIM are participating in the latest round of EU-CHINA dialogue on IPR, held in Brussels on September 18... More
The most significant reform to the U.S. patent system in more than a century took a major step forward at 12:01 am Sunday, as numerous provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 2011 went into effect. The new rules will spur innovation and economic growth by streamlining the patent application process and introducing new procedures to ensure patent quality.... More
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On the basis of two successful patent auctions, the autumn of 2012 will witness the third patent auction sponsored by China Technology Exchange (CTEX). CTEX's President Guo Shugui, the representative of both the organizer and the undertaker, as well as the "general director" of the auction, accepted the interview of China IP with pleasure... More
· Patent owner: ICT—a brave attempt to new technology transfer mode  Issue 50,By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Patent]
In China, research institutes, universities and colleges have undertaken a large number of national science and technology research and innovation projects and have gained many outstanding technical achievements.... More
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