the 149th Issue: China can produce. Can China create? --- China Intellectual Property

the 149th Issue: China can produce. Can China create?

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Chinese Vice Premier and Head of the National Leading Group Against IPR Violation and Counterfeit and Inferior Products Wang Qishan chaired a meeting in Beijing on October 9, deploying the work in the fourth quarter on curbing infringement and counterfeit and promoting the use of legal... More
Three generations of China’s leaders have set the goal that all China becomes a "moderately well-off society". Achieving this, by around 2020, will not be easy. China must transform its industries so that enterprises provide higher value and generate higher profits, which enables higher wages for workers... More
A U.S. congressional panel has identified five countries including China, Russia and Ukraine, that it says lack legal protections for copyright... More
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· Twin buildings appeared in Beijing and Chongqing Issue 50, By Jessie Chen, China IP,[Copyright]
Is the astonishing resemblance between the "Meiquan 22nd Century" in Chongqing and the Wangjing SOHO in Beijing merely a coincidence or are there unknown factors behind the scene? A microblog post put the two buildings in the spotlight... More
· Simplicity in Global IP ValuationIssue 50,By Weston Anson, Chairman of CONSOR and Co-Chair of Global Valuation Standards Committee;Brian Buss, Director of Finance, CONSOR,[Patent]
The contract manufacturer in Honduras, Vietnam or Croatia analyzes IP constantly; as does the customer in Bogota, Tokyo or London. In our experience we have observed IP being analyzed and valued all over the world.... More
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