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the 155th Issue: China: applications for new variety right of plant exceeded 10,000

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As of November 2, the applications for new variety right of plant in China had outnumbered 10,000 pieces and reached the goal in Agricultural IP Strategy Outline three years earlier. And China scrambled into the first two ranks in annual applications among the members of International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV)... More
"A patent often brings far greater value than one could ever imagine," said Dr Terence L.T. Lau, chief operating officer and general manager of Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO), which innovates the patented biotech product - H5 series of avian flu... More
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· The call of GUI Issue 51, By Jessie Chen, Monica Zhang, Doris Li, China IP Magazine,[Patent]
Due to the perpetual accumulation of electronic technology and emergence of various different technologies, almost all electronic products are facing fierce competition... More
· How to protect you—GUI  Issue 51,Ha Kung Wong, Yuanheng Wang,[Patent]
What is your mobile phone brand; is it iPhone, HTC, Samsung or another brand? Regardless of the brand, it is most likely a smartphone. Several years ago, when media predicted the overwhelming future of smartphones, people did not have a clear vision of what that meant. However, now that these electronic products have taken over the global market, the problems they’ve raised are clear. More
As a leading international IP firm, Dennemeyer has been assisting clients with legal and non-legal aspects of managing intellectual property portfolios worldwide for 50 years... More
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