the 161st Issue: PCT applications handled by SIPO up 14% --- China Intellectual Property

the 161st Issue: PCT applications handled by SIPO up 14%

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  The State Council agrees to adjust the size and layout of the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, expanding it from 10 parks to 16 to enhance its innovative capacity.
   Zhongguancun will focus on the development of modern services and 10 strategic emerging industries in the coming years to strengthen its role as a demonstration area for innovation...
In 2012, the State Intellectual Property Office received 19,926 patent applications filed under PCT, up 14.0% on a year-on-year basis, in which 18,145 were filed by domestic applicants, accounting for 91.1% and up 12.8%, 1,781 were submitted by foreign filers, up 28.7%. Experts said that the quick growth of PCT applications indicated that a consensus had been reached among enterprises in China that creating more indigenous innovations could help enhance international competitive edge.... More
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· Secondary remuneration, are you ready? Issue 52, By Doris Li, Jessie Chen, China IP,[Copyright]
On July 6th, the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China announced the second draft revision of the Copyright Law (second draft revision). Compared with the first draft revision, which was delivered on March 31st, the second explicitly grants the right of secondary remuneration to authors,... More
· Opening a new vision as regards how to interpret Chinese IP law Issue 52, By Zhang Wenliang and Yang Huaquan,[Patent]
With many years’ hard work, the book Intellectual Property Law in China written by Professor Qu Sanqiang was finally released by the Kluwer Law International in September 2012. The book is among the few masterpieces written by Chinese authors in English to fully and systematically interpret Chinese intellectual property law since the adoption of "reform and opening-up policy" in China... More
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