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the 182nd Issue: More foreign companies involved in IPR cases

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Global competition, protectionism contribute to increase in lawsuits
The top court has seen an increase in intellectual property lawsuits involving overseas companies in the first five months of the year amid economic globalization and rising domestic awareness...
Much More time and effort are necessary before China can become R&D hub of the world
China is moving from an export processing model, in which foreign companies have played a key role in the past 30 years or so, particularly in the high technology areas, to a new growth model more focused on domestic consumption...
There are now a total of 160 agencies in Beijing, with 40 enterprises and public institutions, including Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS), Beijing Qihoo Technology, Beijing Xiaomi Technology, Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology and Beijing Jiaotong University... More
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· Liabilities of Group Buying Sites in Trademark Infringement Cases Issue 55, By Zhao Lin, Yang Kai from Beijing Liu, Shen & Association,[Trademark]
 Group buying has achieved rapid development after entering the Chinese market. Though fierce competitions led to the integration and reorganization among thousands of group buying sites, the transaction volume of group buying still reached 21.632 billion yuan in 2011, according to the 2011 Annual Report on Network Group Buying Industry in China... More
· WOWO, Lost in Trademark Issue 55, By Jessie Chen, China IP,[Trademark]
The Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court heard the WOWO trademark infringement case on April 1st; which is also the day when WOWO had a most unexpected experience in court... More
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