the 310th Issue: Huawei Defeats Samsung in Patent Battle in China --- China Intellectual Property

the 310th Issue: Huawei Defeats Samsung in Patent Battle in China

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The patent system was formed in order to foster innovation but, unsurprisingly, some enterprising people have been able to turn it into a business.... More
Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Casio Computer Co. Ltd. announced a new patent licensing agreement that includes broad coverage for smartwatch technologies.... More
The patent win comes at a time Huawei is gaining market share from Samsung.... More
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·Reasonable Solutions to Disputes on Adaptation of Online Games —A Review of Recent Judicial Cases Issue 75, By Zhou Liting, Judge of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court,[Comprehensive Reports]

With the roaring trend of IP adaptation, there are recently more and more cases on adaptation disputes between literatures and online games.... More

·Legal Solution for Improper Adaption of Online Games Issue 75, By Li Xue, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

There were 171 listed game enterprises in China in 2015, of which the market value was 476 thousand billion Yuan, making China the biggest game market in the world... More

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