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the 12th Issue: Microsoft Word to stop sales in U.S. for patent violation

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 12 Foward       Subscription    August  20, 2009

·Keyboards fall eerily silent as MSN crashes
BEIJING, Aug. 18 -- Bosses may have seen productivity wobble up and down the chart yesterday afternoon, when millions of office workers were denied access to the popular MSN Messenger service. Connection in several cities went down on Monday afternoon at around 2:20pm, resulting in numerous complaints to MSN China from those who could not converse with their friends and colleagues.More

·Facebook to compete with Google?
BEIJING, Aug. 17 (Xinhuanet) -- The most used social network by worldwide monthly active users may become the next super computer operating system for communications, according to news reports on Monday.

Microsoft Word to stop sales in U.S. for patent violation
Microsoft Corporation may have to stop the sales of Microsoft Word in U.S. markets after finding the software contains technology which violates a patent held by a Canadian company, according to reports on Thursday. More

·Lishen plans to charge ahead with batteries for Coda
Tianjin Lishen Joint Stock Co, a battery supplier of the all-electric sedan Coda that is due to launch in the US in fall 2010, plans to spend 5 billion yuan over the next three years to boost its lithium ion auto battery business. We have high expectations for the industry's future prospects, said Richard Liang, Lishen's vice-president.More

·Shuaiyi Announces Plan to Launch a New Product

·EU launches investigation into exploding iPhones, iPods

·Italian scientists make breakthrough in supercomputer

·Related departments strengthen combating IP infringing behaviors

·Chinese enterprises urged to invest more in technological innovation

China IP Articles

·Trademark“WANGZHIHE” Unfair Competition Case in Germany
(By Yi Wenhui, Chinese attorney at law, and Dr. Saskia Eschmann, Swiss attorney at law, Hylands Law Firm, Beijing)

The decision of April 23, 2009 (No. 29 U 5712/07) of the Higher District Court of Munich affirms a judgment of the District Court of Munich of November 11, 2007 (No. 21 O 21512/06) insofar as it states that the registration of an in China registered trademark in Germany by the German importer of Chinese goods bearing such trademark can constitute an act of unfair competition according to the German Act against Unfair Competition.

·Tampering with Open License Agreement Leads to Criminal Sanctions for Copyright Infringement
 (Issue 30 By Wang Yanfang)

This is a case of first impression in China – criminal sanctions for copyright infringement by tampering with Microsoft’s Open License Agreement (OLA). The implication of the sentence defines the unauthorized addition of computer software in place of the genuine OLA with Microsoft, as “[an alteration of the copyrighted work] without permission of the copyright holder” per judicial interpretation. 

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