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the 72nd Issue: China's innovation drive in 'post-Shanzhai' era

China IP Weekly   Issue 72 Forward       Subscription    Mar.. 17th, 2011

·Expert : Taobao's Campaign against Online Piracy 'Hugely Important'
 "It's hugely important for them. They'll build their brand and trust.", China's leading business-to-consumer website, announced that it plans to launch a major campaign to stop online piracy and counterfeiting.

·Baidu search engine accused of infringing on copyrights
BEIJING - Dozens of popular Chinese writers have accused the search engine giant Baidu of infringing on their copyrights and branded it a "thief" in the latest claims of piracy against the company.More

China's innovation drive in 'post-Shanzhai' era
SHENZHEN, Guangdong - The "Shanzhai" industry, which churns out electronic goods that imitate well-known brands, is declining even in its hotbed and birthplace in south China's Shenzhen City. Signs that say "Shop to Let" adorned many electronic stores along Shenzhen's Huaqiangbei Road.More

·Improved IPR protection
·New rules to fight online pirates
·Just handful trademarks sell, owners 'unrealistic'
·Chief meeting between SIPO and UKIPO held in Beijing
·China's Online Game Company Secured First IPR Pledge
·NPC deputy: Academic fraud should be classed as a crime
·Hebei: Famous brands receive boost in award of 10 million yuan

·Beijing: Development of first large aircraft, the C919, 'going well'
·Tianjin:National animation industrial park scheduled to open in July
·Guangdong investigated IP infringement cases with 200 million yuan involved
·Zhejiang: College kid has 150 inventions, some already commercialized

·Exclusive Market Power and Institutional Barriers for TCM Drugs Issue 40, By Song Xiaoting,Professor, School of Law & School of IP, Tongji University,[Patent]
According to the current drug regulatory system, drugs considered traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) are categorized as Chinese patent drugs, the extracts of crude drugs and their preparations, and artificial imitations of Chinese medicinal herbs. In today’s market the majority of the domestic TMC manufacturers are profit-driven companies. Most drug makers produce Chinese medicines, compound drugs and/ or biological products.
An unregistered Chinese equivalent of a trademark refers to the Chinese translation of a trademark whose origin is in a foreign language (including transliteration, free translation, or both), which in practice may have been adopted by either the original proprietor of the foreign language trademark, or the public and media. Recent litigations involving Chinese equivalents of foreign trademarks being squatted or used without authorization have caught the attention of professional circles.More

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