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the 99th Issue:EU, China should look beyond trade irritants

China IP Weekly   Issue 99 Forward       Subscription    September. 22th, 2011

BEIJING - State councilor Liu Yandong met US Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Wednesday, calling for further Sino-US science and technology cooperation... More

·EU, China should look beyond trade irritants

On Monday, the EU Council voted to extend the copyright on sound recordings from 50 to 70 years.The move follows a campaign by artists like Cliff Richard as well as lesser-known performers, who said they should continue to earn from their creations...  More

· Taobao Mall predicts huge rise in transactions

BEIJING - Taobao Mall Co, China's biggest retail website for businesses to sell to customers, expects its transaction volume to double to 200 billion yuan ($31.3 billion) next year, boosted by initiatives such as teaming up with smaller rivals...More

· Innovative spirit at ChemChina
· Obama Signs America Invents Act to Boost Economic Growth
· Premier Wen Jiabao: Any enterprise owning intellectual property is notable

In recent years, Zhongguancun has piloted intellectual property (IP) systems, management and innovation in operational mechanisms in an all-around manner and yielded certain results. Next, it will focus on pooling optimum IP resources...  More 
·Zhai Xin, a Calligraphy Master with Special IP Views Issue 44, By Tommy Zhang & Kevin Nie, China IP,[Copyright]
Zhai Xin, master of Chinese calligraphy, always gives people a down-to-earth atmosphere, which differentiates himself from the refine literati like Fan Zeng, whose distinct designation goes to Tang suit, or the idiosyncratic artists labeled with cocktails... More 

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