the 134th Issue: Hard times call for innovative entrepreneurship --- China Intellectual Property

the 134th Issue: Hard times call for innovative entrepreneurship

China IP Weekly   Issue 134    June, 14th, 2012
China has overhauled parts of its intellectual property laws to allow its drug makers to make cheap copies of medicines still under patent protection in an initiative likely to unnerve foreign pharmaceutical companies... More
Editor’s Note: China Daily business reporter Zheng Yangpeng recently took a tour to find out how once export-oriented companies are coping with the consequences of the global economic crisis and, if possible,... More
The Quality Brands Protection Committee, a coalition of international businesses, announced China’s 2011 top 10 intellectual property protection cases on May 25 in Beijing during a ceremony to mark its 12th anniversary... More
· A harvest of lifelong spiritual wealth through 30 years of hardwork     Issue 48, By Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
When evaluating the role he has been playing during the last 10 years, Lv Guoqiang considers himself as a witness and participant in the development of China’s IP industry since the country became a WTO member...
· Dialogue with Professor Guo Shoukang     Issue 48 Dialogue with Professor Guo Shoukang,[Comprehensive Reports]
Prof. Guo Shoukang teaches at Renmin University of China. He is also a famous scholar in the field of international trade and IP laws in China. In 1980, as an official representative of the Chinese government delegation,...

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